Apr. 12th, 2009


Instead of doing 'stuff' this weekend - what exactly I was supposed to do, I don't remember. But I'm fairly certain that I would have gotten a lot of hours of rest and sleep and all sorts of things that I tend to save for long weekends.

Instead, I got recruited into helping do the front steps. What does that entail exactly? Taking out the existing interlocking and cedar framing and replacing that with stone. All three steps worth.

Thirteen 16x16 stones, three 16x24 stones, some larger quantity of 8x8 blocks, a bag of limestone screening, a bag of gravel, fine sand, coarse sand and a lot of backbreaking lifting later...

Pictures are beneath the cut.

Steps )

The current situation with Amazon sucks more than a roomful of windbaggy politicians all filibustering at the same time. :(

Even though I don't use or pay attention the rank system that they use, or even the search system that they have (I know what I need to order and don't care about their recommendations), I am peeved that they're marginalizing an already marginalized community for the sake of I don't know what. :: mutters ::

Even though Amazon seems to assume that all I care about is: musical theatre, and film, and my work-related 'construction and design' readings... that doesn't mean that I haven't bought other books from them (vis-a-vis, my several hundred dollars worth of academic/text books (history: Roman, Grecian, Renaissance, and American) that I foisted over earlier this year, and my music (which I had assembled a big-@$$ list for some more titles... which I am now NOT going to be buying from them).

*sigh* I've signed that petition. I've withdrawn my standing order and its little basket/cart thing. How stupid of Amazon. As if what they did wouldn't be noticed by the internet masses. And as if people affected wouldn't speak out about this. :(

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