Apr. 18th, 2009

A day filled with killin' time at Costco (the seasonal swapping of tires on two cars - ice/snow back to all-season treads) meant that I ended up replacing two tires (beads were stripped) and killed an hour and a bit wandering the aisles (bought Doubt, VF May issue, toothbrush heads and debated why I shouldn't look at the electronics section when bored).

The May cover is Gisele B√ľndchen and that was lovely (reading the article gave me a fifteen minute break while waiting at the end of the day), but even better was the inside feature (of which there were two) recapping photos taken from the VF Oscar party, and Emily Blunt attired in this seasons Haute Couture (from the Paris fashion shows).

I need to plan on getting rims for the winter tires I'll need for M come the winter season this year. Even though it's heavier to lift up and down, it'll cut down on the bead stripped (what ruined two different tires on two different cars this year).

I've reshuffled what I thought would be VII to now VIII, and I'm working on a new VII. Who knew writing about a guy that seems to have immobile eyebrows would be such a difficult thing. :/

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