May. 3rd, 2009

Interesting that this topic has come back up for debate. I get the feeling that it might be 'easier' for school children to pick up the simplified character sets, it makes going 'back' to learn traditional "fan-ti-tzi" that much more difficult when they are older. Consider simplified characters a form of short hand that then later became the common language instead of 'full' English (or any other language, so to speak). Without knowing what we are 'short handing' from, it makes learning the traditional/classical characters difficult. On the other hand, knowing only traditional characters and not being able to pick up the simplified characters makes reading signage and everything else... difficult.

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So. More drabbles.

I suppose that they could be telling a larger story but I usually don't analyze whether there's an over-arching anything in what I write. So they might be in the same universe, or they might not be. Reader's Choice, 'k?

These are prompts from the [ profile] even_angels_ prompt community which is organized (and prompted) by [ profile] fewthistle and [ profile] flying_peanuts. :D :D

The prompts are actually the first and last sentences of the drabbles (in italics).

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