May. 31st, 2009

These are prompts from the [ profile] even_angels_ prompt community which is organized (and prompted) by [ profile] fewthistle and [ profile] flying_peanuts. :D :D

The prompts are actually the first and last sentences of the drabbles (in italics).

I. )
II. )
III. )
I shan't take a picture of the notebook today because my desk is in absolute shambles (four piles of print media that are threatening to topple over themselves and cause even more chaos).

However, the notebook that I'd started using at the end of 2007 is now stuffed to the gills with bits of white slips and other scribbles and it's time for me to reach over to another Gregg ruled steno-book. It's been a less than productive 2008 in terms of actual writing, but 2009 has seen a whole book's worth of writing -- more drabbles, ficlets, and mashups. I'll try to keep better track of how the writing progresses for 2009 now that it's almost June 1st. :)
I'm in the middle of mass archiving (again). DVD archived zip file #73 is being made and then wholesale transfer off the HDD onto the external 1TB. There will be more cleanup involved as I need to transfer cast lists and dates and other happy things onto the list that I'm perpetually behind on. I'd never known how I managed to accumulate so many 9 to 5, Next to Normal and Les Miserables audios... but they seemed to have multiplied like tribbles.

I have tentative access to tickets to see Liza Minnelli at the Entertainment Centre come July 11.

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