Jun. 8th, 2009


Jun. 8th, 2009 01:23 pm
This is not par for the course on the post-Tony's Monday.

Sudden craving for Thumann's hot dogs (which I can only find when I'm in New Jersey) and roast brisket makes this an odd morning/afternoon. I wonder if I can pack a freezer with me when I next travel and fill it up with Thumann's instead of having these odd pangs of whimsical wanting.

Apparently I've got a seat at the performance tonight of the Alan Tam and Hacken Lee concert... both of which I think I saw in 2005 when they were last here in the city. I'll probably bring my audio whatevers and then nap through the show. The last time I saw them, I had side seating, but now t'will be floor center, so who knows how my neck will survive this one.

Other random things -- reasons to be pretty closes this weekend. :( I wish that I'd had a better opportunity to see stuff during the spring instead of timing things around summer breaks. Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theatre (Central Park) begins their presentation of Twelfth Night with a whole boatload of people that I'd want to see (Anne Hathaway, Raul Esparza, Audra McDonald, etc etc) tomorrow for a run into early July.

I'm actually fairly tired; post-Tony euphoria lasted until almost 1.30AM, and then the sunrise this morning meant that I actually was semi-dead to the world for only four-ish hours.

Dagnabbit, I still want a hotdog! :/

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