Jul. 27th, 2009


Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Harrison Museum
Aldridge Botanical Gardens
Vulcan Park

+ camera + battery
Oh it's blazin' hot and I've given up. Birmingham will just have to deal with my pale, pale knees. :/
Back from climbing up and down stairs (the Vulcan observation deck can be reached by an elevator OR the stairs... I didn't notice the elevator until AFTER). Also, have pictures of the frogs at Five Points South. The frogs theme seems to turn up in a lot of places (also seen in photos taken at Aldridge Botanical Gardens). Two Botanical Gardens, this tower business, some old homes, Kelly Ingram Park, and the 16th Street Baptist Church. My knees hate me. Oh, and at the Birmingham Botanical Garden, was bitten by flying critter of some sort.

Consumed a Dr. Pibbs today, that, and a PP sandwich. And tomatoes that were fried. Plus four bottles of water. And went to Costco to pick up postage stamps, and the Grey Gardens DVD.
What happens when you're being the peripatetic blood donor clinic for a variety of flying critters when you're outside taking night photos? You flee to the one thing that you KNOW is open 24 hours here... the local Wal-Mart Superstore. Which had a work crew/cleaning crew that had quite a few visible safety violations goin' on (use of the lift to clean the OWSJs) -- where are the safety harnesses?

Anyway. I bought fruit. Two peaches. Because the lack of fruit for me has been three days, and I think my salt consumption needs a bit of balance that fruit juice isn't going to give me.

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