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The laptop's been with Best Buy's Geek Squad (whatever) since 9/18 and today it's 10/13, so if there was withdrawal happening for lack of laptop, I'd be pretty much on the way through a twelve step program and all.

My going to BB was the fourth occasion over the same number of days. Plus the sixth time of calling them and having to weave like a crazy-@$$ driver through their automated-answering system only to reach a no-mailbox situation. So I lost a bit of my less than present and sort of legendary temper (but there was no pounding of the counter, or threats of lawsuits).

Apparently they've made one (ONE!) lackluster attempt at contacting me via my house number which has an answering service connected to the phone. There is no record of anyone calling on the day they claimed they called, nor is there a message (this was still in September). According to the GS person, the laptop is back in transit with no hint or clue as to what the actual repair cost would be for the NIC (which I KNOW is the problem). (Massive eye rolling) I knew what the problem was before I had to go in, and here I had to pay another 59$ plus tax to hear them do the diagnostic and tell me what the problem is. I really wanted to know how much it would cost to effect the repair. If it was more than 85% of my original laptop purchase cost, then my extended warranty would have replaced it outright, anything less than 85% would be an at-cost repair and I'd be reimbursed.

Thus ends my letter of frustration that won't be read by BB's management team.

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