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A fair number of the f-list is answering this and I don't think I've done anything too crazy that I can't talk about.

Longest distance ever traveled in one flight: One flight? I guess um, Toronto to London which is around 3,500 miles. I've also done Toronto/Newark/Los Angeles which is 2,780 miles but there was a plane transfer so I guess it doesn't count. I'm not altogether fond of super-long flights (which is one of ten thousand reasons why I've continually deferred my trip to the Far East).

Farthest north: Edmonton, Alberta.

Farthest south: I think Hawaii is just a bit further south than Hong Kong. So yeah, Hawaii, but even that was for a plane transfer so I'm not sure if it really counts. If not Hawaii, then Hong Kong.

Farthest east: East? Um. I fly west to East Asia... so I'm not certain how this question will work. But East of Toronto - I guess, that puts me onto Continental Europe - so, Paris, France.

Farthest west: Flying westwards - some place into China.

Closest to the equator: Hawaii? If not, Hong Kong. Unless Key West is even further south, but I don't think so.

Highest mountain: Oh, I liked this question. Logan Pass (elevation 6646 ft/2025 m) at the Glacier National Park in Montana. The Going-to-the-Sun Road provides an awesome, awesome view of the Rockies and the surrounding areas.

Lowest point: Um. I dunno. I think I've been at Sea level a bunch of times.

Hottest temperature: Um. I can't remember the temperatures in the Far East, but I do know that the 'dry heat' in Arizona in July, and similarly the dry heat in Nevada in early August bites giant ice cubes. :( I landed in Phoenix at the end of July for a function and the temperatures at mid day when I arrived were in the 40's.

Coldest temperature: Um. Our lovely minus 30's for Toronto weather when a cold snap hits? (read: maybe February).

Most countries visited in one year: I guess 2007. England, France and the Netherlands, and as always, USA (4). Or else, it might be 1986 which was US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China - 5? 1986 - Taiwan's status is always up in the air, and HK was still a British Colony, and Macau was a Portuguese colony.

Furthest north/south distance traversed in one year: Toronto/Hong Kong. Or else, on the continent itself - um, Toronto/Miami.

Number of continents visited: Three.
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