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So usually I pick up a calendar after January 1st because the sales for those things begin and I always end up with three or four even though I don't hang any of them up on the wall. In the past years, I've opted for the ones which are related to musicals (Broadway Musicals Calendar - 2007), or Wicked (the weekly calendar I picked up at Barnes and Noble last year), or this year - a larger Wicked (monthly calendar) which has the newer cast photos etc etc, and another Ansel Adams one. So this year, I'll have calendars from my bank, and the ones I buy, and there shall be naught written upon them. :)

Other things I picked up yesterday: more Glee (the actual CDs - volumes 1 and 2).

Things I got today - via Chapters/Indigo - the Playbill yearbook and Gourmet's cookbook or whatever it was... visual food porn I think I had it tagged as.

Things I've been doing for the last four days: building stud wall framing, breaking apart said framing because somehow across 7' I managed to cut the top and bottom plates 1/2" different in length and it didn't fit.

Tomorrow, I'll ponder a part time skill of installing that pink insulation batts. The type with the Pink Panther? I'll try not to breathe too much of it.

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