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Random things not of note:

Various Britney Spears singles (from The Singles Collection) are acceptable listening when I can nod my head to a beat in an attempt to keep my neck from tightening up (after being hunched over for hours).

For the rest of the month of April, I'll be caught up in finishing the f*cking flooring that's dominated my time and my life ever since the beginning of the year. Gives new meaning to 'get on your knees and pray!' since I've probably coloured the air blue with my cursing when boards don't fit properly and nothing lines up.

This and next weekend: the master bedroom (380sf plus a walk-in closet).

May starts the summer season which means some degree of travel (preferably more as opposed to less). I'll be in Montreal for a cousin's wedding in early May. Heaven help the Quebecois drivers. I'm still trying to finagle the time to get down to NYC for middle/end of May so that I can visit friends and take in some Sondheim (A Little Night Music, and Sondheim on Sondheim), plus maybe: Promises, Promises.

June is leaning towards being open while I'm bashing around possibilities of more travel in July. Although I've missed the various Pride festivities for the last few years, this year is going to be dominated by the G8 and then G20 meetings in the downtown core, which means that I'll avoid the downtown like the plague so that I don't have to worry about the security measures et al.

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