Aug. 30th, 2009

So, yesterday I was down at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) alternating between sweaty/baking (in the afternoon and part of the morning) and raining/more sweat -- it had been slated to rain in the afternoon, but instead, the sun came out, and the hour and a bit of sitting at BMO field meant an hour of sun burn. Oops. Anyhow, the former US President William Jefferson Clinton was speaking on the subject of "Embracing our Common Humanity," and it was an interesting 45 minutes discussion that was followed by a very brief Q&A session (previously submitted).

There is an audio from the event, and I'll take a listen and try to determine if I should retroactively want to reach behind me and throttle the young 'lady' that was there and who decided that her wisecracks were more important than actually paying attention to the speaker on the stage.

After the usual efforts of playing the various games on the midway, of which I had no success at all, I stopped in at the Direct Energy Center which has all the convention space, and picked up a refurbished Zire 72 at a reasonable price. It has a colour screen, and a camera (1.2M which I doubt I'll use), and an mp3 capacity. Barring the fact that it doesn't shut off without posting an error message, I think that it'll be handy enough to keep me happy for a while. The m505 which I've had for 9 years is showing its age, and I wanted to defer on a potential 'iPod' purchase until at least sometime into the fall when new stuff is pushed out.

As long as I can read text files on this, and listen to some music, I'll be happy enough for a long while. :)

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