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Title: Mercy
Fandom: DWP
Words: 275 words
Notes: Andrea Sachs and Miranda Priestly
Genre: AU
A/N: I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] melanacious for kindly letting me d(r)abble in their 'verse shown here in Blood and Sex.

It wasn't quite possession, even if it might have been nine-tenths of the law. There was a certain sense of protectiveness that underlined everything else that had happened. It was the unexpected display of mercy that marked the difference between Her and all the ones before. She did not want to think of the times before -- of the others that had taken some cruel pleasure in her pain. Yet, like the strange need to poke at a fresh scar until it bled anew, she could not forget those before her Mistress. Their leery and glazed looks that shone with the strange glow of possessive knowledge that gave them the false impression of mastering her. Even though endless punishment could never produce loyalty, only a certain sense of cowed defeat. A retreat to the hidden corners of her mind. Loyalty might have been the automatic demand, but reality always knew that demanding the impossible did not make it any more possible. It could only be freely given, and no master had ever been able to speak of her fealty with any certainty. Instead, they chose to boast of the great number of chains (both seen and unseen) that were required to tame her and keep her at their side.

If she gave it any thought at all, she'd have been able to point to the fact that her Mistress demanded no oath of fealty nor did she bind her body with heavy chains and geas. Her kindness and hidden mercy had won over the fear at this new Owner who radiated a reserve of power and strength that the largest of her 'Masters' had never possessed.

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