Oct. 16th, 2009 09:13 pm
[personal profile] hes
In circumstances of large mobile vehicles meeting smaller immobile vehicles, size matters. As such, M (the car) now has a scrape on the left rear bumper (at the corner) that I either get it refinished, or else, repainted. I am not a happy person. >:( My only consolation? The minivan that bumped me? suffered a much bigger crack in their rear bumper. (fiber glass is fragile).

Upcoming week:

- Tomorrow: queuing at the DMV for new tags for the car, and a new photo for me. I shall endeavour to not appear like a hot mess. Done at 9AM on the dot.

- Sometime this weekend: Shepherd's Pie with a bit of shepherd on top. Or in this particular case, Cottage Pie. Done on this Saturday.

- M goes to the dealer for the first of four free oil changes; a rust inspection; and a look-see on what to do with this scrape. :( Maybe Monday?

>> Next Monday (the 26th so I can time the oil change, and rust inspection plus pick up the touch up paint).

- Sedan goes to Costco for seasonal tire swap on Wednesday, minivan goes for the tire swap on Friday.

- Saturday will probably see me at the Hyatt dropping off peeps for a wedding.

I still haven't sorted out a time to go see the Vanity Fair Portraits exhibit at the ROM. And what about the exhibits at the AGO? RARGH.
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