I admit, I wasn't expecting to see the visage of Miranda Priestly peer out at me on the front page of the NYT but an article about Meryl Streep should never be passed over for reading :D

That Unmistakable Streepness


FROM the moment it was announced on Feb. 2, Meryl Streep’s 16th Oscar nomination — best performance by an actress in a leading role for “Julie & Julia,” in case your attention has been otherwise occupied — seemed both richly merited and a bit redundant. Of course she would! How could she not?

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An Evening with Patti LuPone is something that should never be missed. Combine that with the possibility of Mandy Patinkin on the stage, and suddenly everyone might wonder if the stage is big enough for these two very big diva egos. :) Take comfort in the fact that the songs and the music fill the space so much that the almost Doyle-ian scenery (lightbulbs on a stand?) is just something that changes colour every so often.

The evening was a great selection of songs from both Sondheim, and Rodgers and Hammerstein plus Kern, and Lloyd Webber. The playlist is below:

playlist )

With only a bass and piano accompaniment, and a very receptive audience, this evening was something that didn't depend beautiful orchestras or high-tech acoustics. An Evening with lets both performers sing selections from roles that they might never play: Nellie Forbush from South Pacific, or Billy Bigelow from Carousel. Although very surprised that there were no songs from Sunday in the Park with George or Sweeney Todd, I could also understand possible reasons (one pianist is not quite enough to coax the beautiful sounds that I associate with both shows).

The encore songs were unmicced, and the audio reflects that. Great to hear it in a small intimate space (yes, I can call the Royal Alex that since there are three levels, and even at 17 rows back, it was not cavernous).
Finally! The stuff I'd ordered from MDC arrived (six weeks after I'd placed it... was supposed to be in one week). I've amassed a whole collection of blanks that will last a bit longer than I'd worried about. 110 1G discs and 60 of the HHB 80min discs. Hopefully I won't run through them so fast.
The annual state of the desk photo:

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!!! It's been almost three (THREE!) years since that early reading of Leap of Faith (with Raul Esparza and Ms Kassebaum. [livejournal.com profile] joran and I learned of the reading (on the Friday) only because we had passed by the Gershwin stage door on the Thursday night holding a windowcard from Company which starred Raul Esparza. [side note: that windowcard still occupies a prized and singular frame and has never been hidden away for rotation.]

Leap of Faith, Menken's Gospel-Filled Musical Comedy, Will Premiere in L.A.

By Kenneth Jones
28 Jan 2010

Following a recent Manhattan workshop presentation of Leap of Faith, the new musical with songs by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater, Center Theatre Group is taking its own leap of faith: It will produce the world premiere this summer at the Ahmanson Theatre.

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Title: Sense
Fandom: Guiding Light
Words: 128 words
Notes: Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera
A/N: I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] sammysam for the lovely first sentence.

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Title: Disappear
Fandom: Guiding Light
Words: 122 words
Notes: Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera
A/N: I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] fewthistle for the lovely first sentence.

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Title: Drinks
Fandom: Guiding Light
Words: 124 words
Notes: Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera
A/N: I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] sammysam for the lovely first sentence.

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Um, with all credits due to [livejournal.com profile] fewthistle, consider this an open post for anyone that wants to offer prompts for drabbles. [livejournal.com profile] fewthistle posted a first sentence for a Guiding Light drabble (see: Beads). So, a prompt and a fandom and I shall try to write.

Please remember that as of this time, I'm still writing in all of 1 and 2/3's of a fandom (DWP, L&O, and GL).
Title: Beads
Fandom: Guiding Light
Words: 117 words
Notes: Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera
A/N: I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] fewthistle for the lovely first sentence.

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So usually I pick up a calendar after January 1st because the sales for those things begin and I always end up with three or four even though I don't hang any of them up on the wall. In the past years, I've opted for the ones which are related to musicals (Broadway Musicals Calendar - 2007), or Wicked (the weekly calendar I picked up at Barnes and Noble last year), or this year - a larger Wicked (monthly calendar) which has the newer cast photos etc etc, and another Ansel Adams one. So this year, I'll have calendars from my bank, and the ones I buy, and there shall be naught written upon them. :)

Other things I picked up yesterday: more Glee (the actual CDs - volumes 1 and 2).

Things I got today - via Chapters/Indigo - the Playbill yearbook and Gourmet's cookbook or whatever it was... visual food porn I think I had it tagged as.

Things I've been doing for the last four days: building stud wall framing, breaking apart said framing because somehow across 7' I managed to cut the top and bottom plates 1/2" different in length and it didn't fit.

Tomorrow, I'll ponder a part time skill of installing that pink insulation batts. The type with the Pink Panther? I'll try not to breathe too much of it.
Popping in to extend Christmas greetings to those observing the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :)

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Mmm. As much as I usually try to refrain from ordering stuff from Amazon and instead, go spend said shekels at the local brick and mortar, when given 6500 Aeroplan points (half earned flying, a whole other bunch because of Aeroplan affiliates), and rather than trying to save up enough to actually *fly* to NYC because that would take a billion years of short flights that I tend to do... I did the redemption for an Amazon GC. With the absolute flood of stuff that's released for the end of the year, too many temptations abound and I need to learn to resist everything/something, else I shall be very very unhappy come January when more stuff is released and the madness starts again.


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A fair number of the f-list is answering this and I don't think I've done anything too crazy that I can't talk about.

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I probably won't post much tomorrow since it's US Thanksgiving, and the interwebs tend to slow down to the speed of ... turtles with everyone searching for those awesome 'Black Friday' specials.

To my American friends that are observing the holiday, whether with friends and family, or whatever the traditions may be -- happy Thanksgiving. :) Apparently, this uniquely American four-day holiday is more important than even Christmas, or Independence Day, or any number of other holidays that dot the calendar. :)
Oh, it must be a sign of how out of it my brain is that it's taken me so long to realize AO3 was not a true discussion on warning tags (within fandom et al) and rather a reference to An Archive of Our Own. *hangs head*

No wonder my occasional read through of metafandom links led me to more confusion rather than clarity. :/
Minor cleanup of the f-list and subscriptions and whatnot took place.

Remain calm and carry on. There rarely is interesting stuff behind a cut unless it's audios of the forbidden sort. And even those are rarely hidden away like the crown jewels.

I'm off to dose myself with this faux-grape-tasting decongestant-slash-cough-suppressant.
So it's been ages (read: months) since I came back from a lovely time in NYC. The stack of audios that need to be tracked remains rather daunting and I swear that I shall try to tackle them some time soon... ish. :)

However, the very wonderful [livejournal.com profile] irnbruise tracked Rock of Ages lickety-split fast so YEAH! :)

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"My wife takes pills and I drink. That's the bargain we've struck." -- One of the early lines we hear from Tracy Letts' August: Osage County.

It's on a short run here in the City, but well worth the time (3h20m) to see the production.

Oh Mirvish...

why do you do this to me?

>>You can now get the best seats in the house for only $25 (regularly priced at up to $89) if you attend any of the first week of performances - Thurs, Nov 5 @ 7:00PM; Fri, Nov 6 @ 7:00PM; Sat, Nov 7 @ 1:00PM & 7:00 PM; or Sun, Nov 8 @ 1:00 PM. To take advantage of this special offer, just call TicketKing at either 416.872.1212 or 1.800.461.3333 or go online right here ticketking.com and quote the secret codeword ESTELLE <<

This just seals the deal on my future purchases will be so late into the run that it'll be ridiculous. No reason that I can see for me to pony up on funds now to see Fiddler since there might be some ridiculous sale just before it opens.

Same goes for Patti LuPone/Mandy Patinkin concerts in February. And Stuff Happens. And all that other stuff. No reasons for me to plunk out more money ahead of time. :/
Oh BestBuy... you're really a big place of fail now. On day #40 of no laptop, this is the sixth phone call I've placed for a status update, the fourth time I've spoken to young James over the last month, and the fifteenth day since I've asked for the unit to be returned to be un-repaired. On other counting efforts, today is day 7 since I've submitted the email request for compensation to my extended warranty people for this laptop.


Oct. 16th, 2009 09:13 pm
In circumstances of large mobile vehicles meeting smaller immobile vehicles, size matters. As such, M (the car) now has a scrape on the left rear bumper (at the corner) that I either get it refinished, or else, repainted. I am not a happy person. >:( My only consolation? The minivan that bumped me? suffered a much bigger crack in their rear bumper. (fiber glass is fragile).

Upcoming week:
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The laptop's been with Best Buy's Geek Squad (whatever) since 9/18 and today it's 10/13, so if there was withdrawal happening for lack of laptop, I'd be pretty much on the way through a twelve step program and all.

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It's Meryl Streep day here... (in my mind) and of course, like a big doofus, I forgot ALL of my devices of an audio nature in a pack at home. So that's what lunch will be - a drive home to pick this stuff up. Sadder yet? I saw them on my desk, and still left without them. :/
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Will Strut to Broadway in Early 2011

By Kenneth Jones
October 2, 2009

The North American premiere of the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert in Toronto in fall 2010 will be followed by a spring 2011 opening on Broadway, according to an industry casting notice.

Produced by Back Row Productions, Specific Films, Rafford Films, Nederlander Productions, Inc., Terri and Timothy Childs in association with MGM On Stage—Darcie Denkert and Dean Stolber, the musical based on the Academy Award-winning film of the same name will play 12 weeks at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto starting in October 2010 before moving to a Broadway house to be determined. A Broadway opening of March 2011 is listed on the casting notice.

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Honestly! This?! Plus the fact that Sondheim:80 is the Roundabout's Spring Gala theme? Seeing me run to a short corner and squee in excitement because it seems like this year is a great year to see Sondheim. A Little Night Music with Lansbury, and now Sondheim on Sondheim with Barbara Cook? Awesomecakessaucesandwhisky!

Cook, Williams, Sondheim and Lapine Will Return to Broadway with Sondheim on Sondheim

By Kenneth Jones
October 1, 2009

Sondheim on Sondheim, a new Broadway musical starring Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams, Michael Arden and Leslie Kritzer, will premiere at Broadway's Studio 54 in spring 2010 in a production directed and conceived by James Lapine with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

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The laptop's been at BB since last Friday night, and it was supposed to go to a depot and get a diagnostic (and more importantly), a quote estimate on replacement of the network card which would probably require a motherboard replacement since it seems to be an all-in-one situation.

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Zeta-Jones, Lansbury, Hanson, Lazar, Davie Set for Broadway's Night Music Revival

By Andrew Gans
September 22, 2009

Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta-Jones and five-time Tony Award winner Angela Lansbury will head the cast of the upcoming Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler's Tony Award-winning A Little Night Music.

Directed by Tony Award winner Trevor Nunn, the first-ever Broadway revival of the acclaimed musical — which gave the world the Sondheim classic "Send in the Clowns" — will begin previews Nov. 24 at the Walter Kerr Theatre with an official opening scheduled for Dec. 13.

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Streep, Kline, Lewis, Pendleton, Weller Star in COURAGE IN CONCERT: October 19

by BWW News Desk

The Public Theater, Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori will produce COURAGE IN CONCERT, a one-night-only benefit concert reuniting Kevin Kline, Jenifer Lewis, Austin Pendleton, Meryl Streep and Frederick Weller for an evening of songs from the Public Theater's 2006 Shakespeare in the Park production of Brecht's masterpiece, Mother Courage and Her Children. Translated by Tony Kushner with music by Jeanine Tesori and originally directed by George C. Wolfe, COURAGE IN CONCERT will be performed at the Public Theater on Monday, October 19 at 8:00 PM with all proceeds benefiting American Jewish World Service and Partners In Health. The cast of HAIR along with special guests will complete the evening. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, September 17.

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Back from seeing/hearing Superband ([livejournal.com profile] ellixian can elaborate on who they are) and it was an awesome evening. Checking email now to see advanced access to tickets at the ROM to hear Meryl Streep interviewed by Johanna Schneller of the Globe and Mail (film critic) on October 7th.

Shall be snapping that up tomorrow ASAP. Oh so happy. Oh so happy. :D :D :D

And to learn that the Vanity Fair Portraits exhibit will happen at the RoM? And I might be able to see it via Nuit Blanche? Doubly awesome. If I could finish my write-ups on NYC, I'd totally draw a line that says my summer has been filled with things related to Fashion and Design - a lot more than I'd actually thought through. :D
So, yesterday I was down at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) alternating between sweaty/baking (in the afternoon and part of the morning) and raining/more sweat -- it had been slated to rain in the afternoon, but instead, the sun came out, and the hour and a bit of sitting at BMO field meant an hour of sun burn. Oops. Anyhow, the former US President William Jefferson Clinton was speaking on the subject of "Embracing our Common Humanity," and it was an interesting 45 minutes discussion that was followed by a very brief Q&A session (previously submitted).

There is an audio from the event, and I'll take a listen and try to determine if I should retroactively want to reach behind me and throttle the young 'lady' that was there and who decided that her wisecracks were more important than actually paying attention to the speaker on the stage.

After the usual efforts of playing the various games on the midway, of which I had no success at all, I stopped in at the Direct Energy Center which has all the convention space, and picked up a refurbished Zire 72 at a reasonable price. It has a colour screen, and a camera (1.2M which I doubt I'll use), and an mp3 capacity. Barring the fact that it doesn't shut off without posting an error message, I think that it'll be handy enough to keep me happy for a while. The m505 which I've had for 9 years is showing its age, and I wanted to defer on a potential 'iPod' purchase until at least sometime into the fall when new stuff is pushed out.

As long as I can read text files on this, and listen to some music, I'll be happy enough for a long while. :)
Rock of Ages to Welcome Kerry Butler in September

By Andrew Gans
August 27, 2009

Kerry Butler, who received a Tony nomination for her performance in Xanadu, will join the cast of Broadway's Rock of Ages Sept. 21 for a sixth-month engagement.

Butler will play six performances a week in the role of Sherrie, the part created by Amy Spanger. The role's understudy will play the part for both Sunday performances.

In a statement lead producer Carl Levin said, "Kerry is one of my favorite Broadway performers and I cannot tell you how lucky we feel to have her. She's funny, she's beautiful, and most importantly she can sing like a rock star."

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Well, at least now I sort of know where the reference for Venice Beach is coming from... and lovely to know that the portmanteau of Otalia has even made it to pages of the Old Grey Lady. :)

August 25, 2009

Love That Dares to Tweet Its Name Sparks Web Series

On the evening of Aug. 4 Twitter’s list of 10 “Trending Topics” reflected, as it usually does, the headlines of the day. But eighth on the list, nestled between the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, and AT&T, was a surprise: Crystal Chappell, an actress on the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light.” The big news? It was her birthday. As a present her fans had conspired to tweet her name until she landed a spot on the list.

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Hathaway, McDonald, Esparza, Pittu and Walker Preserve Twelfth Night on Disc

By Adam Hetrick
August 24, 2009

The starry, music-filled Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night, featuring a score by the Brooklyn-based band Hem, will be released on CD Oct. 27.

Shakespeare's tale of unrequited love, hidden identity and midsummer madness played a critically praised run at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park in early June. Under the direction of Daniel Sullivan, the production was the first of the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park offerings of 2009.

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Title: Mercy
Fandom: DWP
Words: 275 words
Notes: Andrea Sachs and Miranda Priestly
Genre: AU
A/N: I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] melanacious for kindly letting me d(r)abble in their 'verse shown here in Blood and Sex.

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How aggravating that my usual media (Hi-MD minidiscs) now appear to be in a much scarcer supply than even two years ago. :| So now I'm left wondering if I should start recording onto standard 80 minute MD's (of which, I can get at a relatively cheaper price ~2/3$ per, versus ~5/6$ per for a 1GB/45hr HiMD). Dilemma, dilemma.

I'm starting to work on editing the photos. I did not really stage door the productions, but I did stop by the Marriott Marquis to snap photos.

Photos beneath this cut )
What happens when I'm reading Slate, doing other stuff, and SlateV tells me about Meryl Streep.


Aug. 11th, 2009 10:14 am
So I am back from the other side of the border... actually since Sunday night, but my brain has slowed down to the pace of cold molasses.

I may have come back with the infamous summer cold. Too much heat and humidity and air conditioning all in one go.

There are photos which I need to finagle from the cards. There are audios that I need to pull from the discs and whatnot. There are recaps that I need to write, along with the requisite squeeing about theatre. Eight shows across six days, I'm all zonked out now.
Hair in the afternoon - awesome. A whole boatload of understudies (at least four) and I haven't checked how the audio-adventure went, so we'll see.
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have arrived in NYC now.

must stop at Booth to pick up N2N ticket. Oy. Hot. Hot HOT and sweaty. So not a good combination for me. Must stop to pick up water and freeze it.
Oh, I have sunburn, and pictures of many fish, and stuff containing carbonated fizz and such.

But really? The best part was the time spent at the MLJ, Jr. Historic Site.
What happens when you're being the peripatetic blood donor clinic for a variety of flying critters when you're outside taking night photos? You flee to the one thing that you KNOW is open 24 hours here... the local Wal-Mart Superstore. Which had a work crew/cleaning crew that had quite a few visible safety violations goin' on (use of the lift to clean the OWSJs) -- where are the safety harnesses?

Anyway. I bought fruit. Two peaches. Because the lack of fruit for me has been three days, and I think my salt consumption needs a bit of balance that fruit juice isn't going to give me.
Back from climbing up and down stairs (the Vulcan observation deck can be reached by an elevator OR the stairs... I didn't notice the elevator until AFTER). Also, have pictures of the frogs at Five Points South. The frogs theme seems to turn up in a lot of places (also seen in photos taken at Aldridge Botanical Gardens). Two Botanical Gardens, this tower business, some old homes, Kelly Ingram Park, and the 16th Street Baptist Church. My knees hate me. Oh, and at the Birmingham Botanical Garden, was bitten by flying critter of some sort.

Consumed a Dr. Pibbs today, that, and a PP sandwich. And tomatoes that were fried. Plus four bottles of water. And went to Costco to pick up postage stamps, and the Grey Gardens DVD.

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