So it's been ages (read: months) since I came back from a lovely time in NYC. The stack of audios that need to be tracked remains rather daunting and I swear that I shall try to tackle them some time soon... ish. :)

However, the very wonderful [ profile] irnbruise tracked Rock of Ages lickety-split fast so YEAH! :)

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Rock of Ages to Welcome Kerry Butler in September

By Andrew Gans
August 27, 2009

Kerry Butler, who received a Tony nomination for her performance in Xanadu, will join the cast of Broadway's Rock of Ages Sept. 21 for a sixth-month engagement.

Butler will play six performances a week in the role of Sherrie, the part created by Amy Spanger. The role's understudy will play the part for both Sunday performances.

In a statement lead producer Carl Levin said, "Kerry is one of my favorite Broadway performers and I cannot tell you how lucky we feel to have her. She's funny, she's beautiful, and most importantly she can sing like a rock star."

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A whole collection of Sweeney's - OBC, revivals, various concert versions, motion picture, boots, and such.

Burton's DVD comes out in a week... so we might as well have some meat pies while we wait :)

A Collection of Sweeney's - Notably, the original Broadway cast's opening night performance. :)

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Other chaos can be found here:
I think I've managed to keep my Sweeney's separate by remembering Michael Cerveris (and David Garry) as bald!Sweeney, David Hess as haired!Sweeney, and Alexander Gemignani as balding!Sweeney.

This afternoon's performance was different from my memories of the opening night (11.06) with small changes in staging and choreography that tightened the production some more. :) With the exception of Mr. Cougher (behind me), it was so easy to be drawn into this revival of Sweeney Todd. :) If it's even possibly, I've fallen even more in thrall with Ms Kaye's Lovett... :)


A snippet of Kiss Me (1-19) 2007.11.25


In a moment of absolute happiness (theatre-induced I promise), I've opted for a second performance of the Sweeney Todd National Tour at the Princess of Wales Theatre. This time, with J on Sunday (11/25).

If all things go according to scheduling, Alexander Gemignani will be stepping into the role of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. :)

I'm so excited... more Sweeney, more Mrs Lovett. :)
Priority Ticket Offer for performances
November 6 - December 9,2007
PLUS! Save 25% on performances Nov 6 - 11

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